What are the benefits to asphalt over concrete?


  1. Price

When comparing the cost of installing asphalt and concrete driveway you will discover asphalt is cheaper. This is why you will find many people using asphalt to construct their driveways as opposed to using concrete.


  1. Time taken to construct

Asphalt will take a shorter period of time to construct when compared to concrete. Asphalt will take less than two days before you can start using the driveway which is unlike using concrete which will take you up to a week before it can cure.


  1. Durability

If you will like to construct a driveway which will last for long, then you need to think of asphalt. Asphalt can last for a long period of time without wearing out which will make it economical to you because you will not have to carry out regular repairs.


  1. Lifespan

Asphalt driveways can last up to 30 years provided to maintain them well. This is unlike a case of concrete which will last for few years after which the agents of weather will damage it. Asphalt has great abilities to resist weather damage. You will be assured of long life with the asphalt driveway.


  1. Flexibility

Asphalt can resist changes to soil which can affect the pavement. But, concrete will give in due to changes in soils. If you will like to install a driveway which will resist damage due to soil changes, then you need to go for asphalt.


  1. Repairs

It is easier to repair asphalt than concrete.


  1. Lower Maintenance Costs

The cost of maintaining asphalt is low when compared to concrete. You will use the shortest time and few resources to repair a long stretch of asphalt which is unlike concrete.


Is this a DIY project?

You can decide to carry out the installation services on your own, but it will be better for you if you will decide to work with a professional. A professional will ensure you have the driveway perfectly installed.


What should I consider when deciding on a concrete contractor baltimore to do it for me?

You should ensure you hire a contractor who has good reviews in installing the best asphalt driveways. The contractor should be experienced in working with asphalt so that he will avoid minor errors which can affect the integrity of the construction work. Cost is also another factor you need to consider. The right contractor for you to consider should charge you at fair rates. You can compare the rates in other contractors before you make your final decision.


The construction material to be used for home driveways is a very important decision to make. The most popular driveway construction materials available to many people are concrete and asphalt. Of course there are other choices such as bricks and gravel.

The decision will depend on several factors such as location of the house, home owners’ budget and personal preferences. However, concrete is the more preferred construction material for driveways. Below are several of the reasons why concrete wins in the asphalt vs concrete debate.

Due to advancements in concrete technology, the cost of concrete paving has been significantly reduced while the performance has improved. According to data from the Transportation Research Board, concrete has considerably lower life cycle paving cost than both warm-mix asphalt (WMA) and hot-mix asphalt (HMA).

While WMA is cheaper compared to HMA, concrete remains the most cost effective option for many driveways. It may be slightly more expensive to install but this is counteracted by the minimal need for concrete maintenance.

Concrete pavements stay smoother for longer when compared to asphalt pavements. According to a report by Mn/Dot, the average life expectancy of their concrete pavements is 27.5 years without needing concrete repair while asphalt pavements have an average life expectancy of 15.5 years before repair. Studies also indicate that concrete interstate highways around the United States last about two and a half years longer on average than asphalt interstate highways.

Concrete provides a superior and longer lasting skid resistance than asphalt. It also suffers less rutting and potholes that may prove hazardous to drivers.

During wet weather concrete pavements are generally less slippery as compared to their asphalt counterparts. Additionally, concrete offers better visibility on rainy nights.

More people today are opting to a adopt eco-friendly lifestyles due to the reality of global warming. As such, concrete is a better construction material than asphalt in environmental terms. Concrete can be completely recycled and it does not release petroleum products into the atmosphere.

It can also help in the conservation of oil, which is used in the production and laying of asphalt. Additionally, a concrete pad can help lower ground temperatures as it reflects energy rather than absorb it. This property can be useful in the prevention of the heating-island effect commonly witness in urban areas with asphalt pavements.

It is important to note that installing concrete driveways is best left to professionals. They require a strong solid foundation specially prepared by experts. Improperly installed DIY concrete driveways are prone to cracks and their lifespan will be greatly reduced. However, before hiring a contractor for this job there are several considerations to be made.

The most important is that the concrete contractor has to be professional and licensed. A professional contractor will first examine the home before offering a basic quote. Contractors who operate on verbal agreements should be avoided. The contractor should also be experienced in the trade and must provide a comprehensive cost breakdown of the entire project.